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British Horse Racing Events Are Back – 3 Major Tournaments to Watch and How to Bet

British Horse Racing Events Are Back!

When Britain hosted horse racing events in 2019, social distancing and mandatory lockdowns were non-existent. But as tournaments begin to resume, jockeys, race day employees and fans are experiencing horse racing in a way they never have,

The Royal Ascot 2020 events are missing one crucial fan: the queen. There are six more competitions, but the grand prize has been lowered from £7.2m to £3.9m. Of course, avid horse racing fans aren’t bothered by these minor details.

They are glad their favorite sport is back. And even if they are restricted from visiting racetracks, they are eager to watch the races from home. With that in mind, below are a few races to watch and how to bet on each.

The Royal Ascot 2020

Date: June 16-20

The queen might not attend, but the Royal Ascot is back in all its glam and glory. A couple of a hundred fans will be invited. Sky and ITV will broadcast the action on-air, and bookmakers are eager to provide betting markets.

As mentioned, this year’s event features six more races. Some of them have already taken place, so you have to stay keen to discover which races you can predict on what dates. That said, experts believe the absence of horses could have a significant impact on horses.

Many thoroughbreds will settle into action faster than ever before now that there will be little noise to distract them. In case you’re wondering, the Commonwealth Cup takes place on Friday 19. On the flip side, the Diamond Jubilee Stakes will be held on Saturday, 20.

Coral-Eclipse Day Festival

Date: July 5

Unlike the Royal Ascot, the Coral-Eclipse Summer event will take place without fans in the first week of July. Jockeys will have to wear face masks and observe strict social distancing rules. Frankie Dettori, the legendary jockey who won last year’s event through his horse, Enable, could be back.

However, there will also be plenty of competition from other horses, including some participants of this year’s Royal Ascot. With that in mind, the best betting decisions regarding the even is to wait until a week prior before you make a decision.

The Moet & Chandon Festival

Dates: July 9-11

Similar to many racing events, the Moet and Chandon festival will take place sans fans. It will be broadcast live, though, and bettors and can wager for it at leading betting websites. Of course, it will be held at the usual location of Newmark Racecourses in Suffolk.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Facemasks, social distancing, and the absence of fans and trainers will highlight many horse racing events this year. Jockeys and trainers will also have to settle for lower grand prizes. But if you’re a sports bettor, very little will change for you.

Betting Websites

If there’s a betting website you prefer, you can use it to bet on horse races this year. Many bookmakers are eager to welcome their customers back after months of little to no action. If you’re new to gambling on this sport, choose a bookie carefully.

Choose betting websites licensed by the UKGC. Confirm they provide horse racing, all the major events. There is an extensive list of all the popular events you can bet on this year.

Speaking of reasons, the best horse racing bookmaker must have a website that operates on mobile devices. It’s a necessity in this age of smartphones and apps. If you can’t bet through your iPhone or Samsung device, you’ll likely miss out on plenty of events.

Find Value Odds

Often an undervalued tip, finding value odds is the secret for maximizing betting. The idea of maximizing profits is what distinguishes professionals from casuals. It also makes a significant difference in your return on investment in the long haul.

Against that backdrop, don’t feel inclined to use the same website every time. Instead, have an array of bookmakers you can use to compare odds. Then place your bet on that website, which gives you the most value for your money.

To expound more, choosing high-value odds doesn’t have to mean betting on risky events. It suggests that you find horses overlooked by bookmakers. For example, find out which thoroughbred has recently won smaller competitions but has long odds. If it wins, you’ll likely get more returns that wagering on the favorites.

Use Bonuses to your Advantage

Ever heard of matched betting? It’s a concept some bettors use to earn profits regardless of a game’s outcome. Usually, they use free bets to back one football team and real money to lay the wager. That way, they can lock a profit regardless of who wins.

The concept is not common in horse racing. But there are plenty of bonuses you can use to your advantage. For starters, you can wager on competitive races using a free bet. If you lose, you won’t have lost your money.

A better approach is to combine bonuses with real money bets so that you wager on two competitions hoping to win at least one of them. Essentially, you’ll minimize your losses and magnify your profits.

Bet Strategically and use a Reliable Tipster

It is easy to get tempted to bet on all races. It’s been a while since horse racing action was on TV. But don’t fall for the urge. Again, don’t feel the need to bet higher amounts than you do. Bet smartly, like a professional.

Many professional bettors choose a handful of competitions they wager on monthly. They also have a tipster they use to compare bets. Note that your tipster can be free or paid for. But he must have a winning record before you can emulate their wagers.

Another tactic for strategic betting is to narrow down your wagers. Do you want to be on race winners, doubles or trebles? Experiments with a few bet types and then settle on what works best for you.