Both Teams To Score Betting Strategy

Both Teams To Score Betting Strategy

Having a both teams to score betting strategy is important if you want to win on your bets, both teams to score is a very popular football betting market, this is due to the better prices often available and picking the right games to get right can give big returns.

The average price for both teams to score markets on Betfair is between 1.9 and 2, which is as close to evens as you can get.

Picking three or four in a row or in a football Acca can give massive returns from small stakes for example if you pick four both teams to score games and you get them all correct at evens and you have put a fiver Acca on it would return £80.

Both teams to score tips

There is one way of giving yourself an edge in the markets and that is by doing your own research into the teams and fixtures available and using the data to determine the most likely outcome

We need to start by looking for teams with a higher chance than their odds suggest, the average is 1.9 or a 52.6% probability of it occurring.

For example, using data to see that a team has more results were both teams scored away from home lets say 65% of the time but the odds for it to happen when they are away this weekend are 1.9 (52.6%) you are getting an edge of 12.4% on this market and that is value.

Value is where any long-term profit from football betting can be found. Here are two of my favorite sites that I use to find out such information.

These sites are free to use and offer a ton of useful information when it comes to picking not just both teams to score fixtures but over 2.5 goals and other football betting markets.

Important factors that affect both teams to score markets

When taking into consideration the following factors you can get a real picture of what type of markets are going to be suitable for both teams to score bets.

Crowds – Some teams have a huge edge at home with their home crowds, something we are not seeing at the time of writing but that will one day return. For example, last season Sheffield United was brilliant in the Premier League especially at home, this season they are struggling, and it’s possibly due to the lack of their home edge.

Weaknesses – Certain sides have weaknesses let’s say to set pieces or a poor disciplinary record again this can be checked in stats by seeing how many goals are conceded at home or away and how many cards on average per game they receive.

Team Lineups – Wise punters wait until the team sheets are released before making their selections as the team sheet can sometimes be completely different from what you expect this impacts a teams chances overall and your chances of winning drastically.

Example Aston Villa recently had a game that they had a good chance of winning which was reflected in the odds but the team came down with Coronavirus and when the lineups have been released the odds drifted to double figures as they played no first teams players at all.

Both teams to score betting strategy a summary

You need to look for value when making your both teams to score selections, look for sides that bookmakers are offering odds that are over what their actual chances are.

Again if a side is seeing both teams to score results in 60% of their games but their odds are 1.9 there is value there and value is where profit can be found long term.