Betting on Euro 2020

Betting on Euro 2020: Things to Know

All football fans can talk about right now is the European Championship matches coming up this summer. Finally, football is returning and there is a lot of excitement surrounding the competition. In particular, if you are a football fan and someone that likes to bet, this is a tournament that is going to be a lot of fun, with plenty of potential twists and turns before the title of European Champions is competed for in the final.

Of course, before making any bets, you have to do your research to give yourself a better chance of winning. This is particularly true for Euro 2020 as teams are always changing. So, here are some tips for betting on the competition.

Know the Favourites

In every competition, there are going to be favourites to win as well as the rank outsiders who, although not often, cause a complete upset to the status quo. The Euros are no different. It is important to pay attention to who the favourites are and what the odds are for them to win. For example, for the Euro 2020 competition, England, France and Italy are favourites to lift the cup this year. They have strong squads ahead of the tournament and a lot of people think that they can win their groups.

Do Not Write Off the Underdogs

So, there are favourites to win the competition. But, when it comes to betting, you should never rule out the underdogs. They can make an interesting bet for you, sometimes football tipsters find winners like these often. Things like a home advantage, injuries and team rapport all have the power to change the outcome of a match. For example, there are a few teams that could upset matches this year. This includes the Czech Republic, Scotland and Croatia. If you are considering some football betting during the tournament, research the teams thoroughly to give yourself a better chance of placing a winning bet.

Watch Out for Topscorers

There is always the opportunity to bet on who is going to score in a match. This is something that a lot of people like to do and it can add some excitement to a competition. In particular, it is going to be beneficial to research who is in-form right now. For example, Romelu Lukaku is doing well for Inter Milan. He plays for the Belgian national team and since their games are against Russia, Finland and Denmark, he has the opportunity to make a mark on the competition.

If you were asked to choose a top goal scorer for the tournament, you might have Cristiano Ronaldo in mind. Indeed, he is one of the best players in the world and you can never say never when it comes to scoring. However, you have to remember that Portugal has a very difficult group for this competition. There is a real chance that they might not progress to the next stages. They are up against France, Germany and Hungary. Thus, remember that a player like Ronaldo can seem like a safe bet. But, they cannot always win a game for their whole team.

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