5 Things to Know Before Gambling Online

5 Things to Know Before Gambling Online

Have you been thinking of signing up to an online casino? More and more players are each year, with the industry continuing to grow globally. However, it can be overwhelming to consider the different aspects of online gambling, and to understand these aspects to ensure you always remain safe. There are a few things you should know, to guarantee a positive and easy experience. Here are some helpful tips provided by Hideous Slots to follow before signing up:

5 Things to Know Before Gambling Online Top one is to Keep your ID

You will be asked for verification when you join an online casino. There is no guarantee of when you will be asked for this, but usually, you will be verified electronically upon sign-up, and then asked for further verification once you reach a withdrawal threshold. While players around the world continue to argue that they should not be asked for verification whilst awaiting a withdrawal, the fact remains the same: they are.

Our recommendation is that you gather the things that you will inevitably need upon signing up, to speed up the verification process when you are asked for it. You will need the following:

Photographic ID: A driving license, passport, or other government-issued ID

Proof of Address: A utility bill dated within the last 3 months.

Proof of Payment Method: A picture of the front and back of the card used for your deposits, or a screenshot of your bank statement/e-Wallet. Lately, there have been complaints from players that they have been asked for proof of cards they used before, which are now expired. It is recommended to store an image of your expired card if it has not yet been verified, on the chance you may be asked for it.

A lot of casinos offer the opportunity to verify yourself upon signing up, which again speeds up the process. This will usually be found in the “My Account” area, and it is recommended that you complete this verification as soon as possible.

Stay Financially Safe

There are multiple options available to keep you safe whilst you gamble online. These are in place to ensure you remain in control and include:

Deposit Limits

Time Outs



Loss Limits

These are helpful not just for those who do have a gambling disorder, but as preventative measures to make sure you remain safe and happy when gambling.

Understand Available Support

Each casino will have a support area, and will usually offer a Live Chat, Email, and perhaps a phone number. Often, there will be a variety of FAQs to browse through, so it’s important to check these before contacting support as it may be a faster way to your answer.

Understand Bonuses

Casinos will usually offer a welcome bonus upon signing up, and players should understand exactly what this means. The easiest way to understand this is to read the Terms and Conditions but given that people don’t enjoy reading T&Cs, you can find out most of the information you need from the Significant Terms, provided you understand common terms. Bonuses will normally come in one of 3 forms:

Sticky Bonus: A sticky bonus means that from the moment you sign up, you are tied into the necessary requirements. If you deposit €100, for example, and the casino matches this and provides €100, you will have €200 of bonus funds, and will have to complete any necessary requirements before you can place a withdrawal.

Non-Sticky Bonus: Non-sticky bonuses are guaranteed in the United Kingdom, and whilst they can happen outside of the UK, you are not guaranteed a non-sticky bonus outside of the UK. A non-sticky bonus means that if you deposit £100, for example, and the casino matches this and provides £100, your cash and bonus funds remain separate. You will play through the £100 cash money first, and if you win when in cash funds this will be added to your cash balance and is withdrawable (although if you withdraw you forfeit your bonus). You are only tied into requirements before a withdrawal once you have lost all your cash balance.

Wagering Before Bonus: Some casinos now offer their bonus after requirements have been met, and therefore provide it as cash. An example of this is if you deposit €100, you must complete your requirements (more on this below), and once the requirements have been completed you will be awarded the €100 bonus as cash funds, immediately withdrawable.

Checking significant terms to understand the bonus you have received is important so you know what is expected of you before you can place a withdrawal.

Number 5 Of The 5 Things to Know Before Gambling Online Is Bonus Requirements

As mentioned, there are requirements necessary when you take a bonus from a casino. If you do breach these requirements, you could find yourself having to forfeit any withdrawal you requested. The most common requirements are:

Wagering: Wagering is usually guaranteed when you take a bonus and is most commonly around 35-50x. Wagering is simply spending – if you play through 100 spins at €1 stake, you have wagered €100, regardless of how much you win or lose. Therefore, if you have a €100 bonus with 35x wagering, you must wager, or spend, €3,500. Once your wagering is complete, bonus funds move into cash funds to be withdrawn.

Maximum Stakes: Usually when in wagering, there will be maximum stakes that players can play at. This is usually €/£5. Some casinos will not allow you to place a bet above €/£5 when wagering, but others will allow you to do so, so it’s important not to make that mistake.

Contributions: Various slots and table games contribute differently towards wagering, so it’s important to check the Terms and Conditions for a list of slots that do not contribute.

Bonus Abuse: Be cautious of how you approach your spending when playing with bonus funds. Some players would attempt to build games up when in bonus funds, with the attempt to collect upon this investment when in cash funds. Let’s be clear – this is not allowed, it is considered Bonus Abuse, and you will find a withdrawal because of this behavior will be denied. Always make sure you understand the rules of the casino you play at before playing. If you are in doubt, T&Cs are there, and Live Chat can assist if you do not find your answer.

That concludes our 5 Things to Know Before Gambling Online.