3 Rules you must always follow when betting on football transfers

3 Rules you must always follow when betting on football transfers

If you are betting on football transfers there’s no doubting the fact that football is the most popular sport of the world. Top football players and teams are closely followed by millions of people in different parts of the planet. Once the summer months come around, when most of the football leagues go on a break, it’s the transfers that start making the headlines.

Considering the fact that FIFA World Cup is around the corner, there is great focus on that particular tournament right now. Almost every single bookmaker and punter in the business is engaged in devising a strategy to make the most of this 4-yearly contest between the top 32 national football teams of the world. If you too bet actively on football matches, you must definitely go through these top-rated Wolrd Cup betting offers to possibly maximize your profit. Just remember, this isn’t about bookmakers, other punters or even random odds: it’s about your knowledge and love of the game and placing bets accordingly.

Moving onto the betting activity on the football transfers, let’s acquaint you with l 3 rules you must always keep in mind.

Know the exact odds and get familiarised with the process

Just like any type of sports betting, you must comprehensively understand the market you’re betting on. For instance, you should be thoroughly aware and be knowledgeable enough to quickly assess the odds offered in a particular market. News, tipsters, and stats are all your friend here.

All football odds, whether fractional or decimal are essentially a reflection of the probability of concerned events and an indicator of the potential returns. So, for instance, 3.0 or 2/1 odds imply a probability of 33% or 0.33. By understanding what the odds mean, you’d be able to correctly gauge if a specific event’s price would work in your favour or not.

You should also be aware of the rules associated with a specific betting market. Some of the transfer betting markets provide many potential destinations for the players, but no option for them staying back at their present clubs. Others may only give you yes/no option for a player leaving or signing up with a particular team. Ensure that you know what you stand to lose or win in every possibility of the concerned market.

Lastly, football transfer markets are pretty volatile in nature, and hence you must never bet your money on something without ensuring that something else hasn’t happened already. To give you an example, bookmakers are sometimes slow in updating their markets and it isn’t impossible that on rare occasions you may bet on a player going to a certain club when he has already signed-up with another!.

Be aware of the governing body regulations and transfer windows

The main purpose behind the transfer windows is to limit player movements only during certain times of the year. If a player is rumoured to sign up with a club going forward, but there are few weeks to go before the opening of the transfer window, things can change tremendously within that timeframe. A transfer possibility that seemed like a 100% certainty in February may fade into oblivion by summertime!

You should also be aware of the different governing body regulations related to the teams’ make-ups and transfers. Many such rules are set by the regional federations like UEFA, but some might be specific to the individual countries. While you cannot possibly know about each and every transfer regulation of every single country, you should at least be aware of the major ones, including Financial Fair Play rules. For instance, there was a lot of hue and cry surrounding the FFP and transfer of Neymar to PSG

Stay on top of the rumours

While speculations and rumours are a big no-no when it comes to sports betting, they can come in pretty handy when you’re betting on the football transfers. Although these rumours can turn out to be false or true, ignoring them is not an option for anyone interested in profiting from football transfers betting.

It’s only with experience that you learn which source to trust and which not. Some newspapers are all about speculation and hype, but there are few journalists who can always be trusted.