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3 Popular Sports to Bet on in Asia

Popular Sports to Bet on in Asia, Sports betting in Asia has seen quite a spike in its popularity, especially online during recent years’ health events. A large chunk of that popularity could be credited to Asia’s sports betting community.

The Asian sports betting market comprises mainly four countries where bettors are most active namely India, China, Japan, and Thailand. Take Thailand for example – according to the popular Vwin sportsbook, Sports betting Thailand fans are mostly betting on Football and Golf which are commonly considered to be two of the biggest sports in the country. Being the most popular choices, there is plenty of information, articles, tips, and tricks about these sports which might increase the chances to predict and potentially grab some winnings. 

Thai boxing, Tennis, and even Cricket to a certain degree are also popular in Thailand and – some sports they like to play and watch, while others they like to bet on. This is also common in other Asian countries.

Let’s get introduced to 3 of the most popular sports to bet on in Asia.


Basketball has the advantage of being exciting to watch and some consider it to be simpler to bet on since not surprisingly, the better team with better players on paper usually does win. It’s obviously rewarding to properly predict the result of a match, showcasing your knowledge of the sport while also winning money. 

Basketball betting comes in a variety of types, including moneyline bets in which the participant must identify the winner of the game by points. Spreads, totals, and futures are some of the most common betting lines in basketball. Understanding the different types can help you win. Although the sport is more popular in the west than in Asia, the recent years’ massive introduction of basketball to Asia paints a different picture: Asians are active and engaged when it comes to betting on the sport.


Undoubtedly, the most popular sport globally, football plays a major role in the betting industry and the bettor community. Loads of tournaments are available and major matches and fixtures are played every day. In Thailand for example, football is very popular and the nation’s league is lively and attracts large viewerships. Slowly, they are making their mark on international football and the people are active on the betting sites gambling on football and winning money. 

Famous football players significantly contribute to this activity, people look up to the legendary players and place bets in accordance with that. Needless to say that in the rest of the world (excluding North America) Football is the number one sport to bet on every sportsbook platform.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is widespread across Asia but is extremely popular in China, and mastering and correctly predicting the game requires a great deal of foresight and experience. The action is fast-paced, heavily dependent on the player, and scoring is tough to anticipate, but it’s a fun form of recreation. Unlike other sports, it is heavily reliant on the individual ability of the players, which means that bettors usually favour their favourite player. You may easily benefit by betting on a player if you have trust in them and feel they can win. This inspires a sense of individuality in participants, making table tennis a popular sport in Asian countries.

In conclusion
Sports betting in Asia is developing and gaining popularity at a very fast pace, and with the bridges between the west and the east becoming stronger as the world becomes more and more globalized, sports that were less common in the past are now grabbing the attention of Asian fans, which increases the demand for betting options on these sports as well. These developments are sure to be interesting to follow up on. 

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