The Ducking Place Bet Review

The Ducking Place Bet Review

Welcome to The Ducking Place Bet Review from the Tipstrr platform comes a new Tipstrr Pro service for horse racing that has delivered very good results so far since

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Service Name: The Ducking Place Bet

Service Price: £19 a month (2 week trial for £2 currently available)

Platform: Website/Email/App

Service Headline: “The Ducking Place Bet has made £3,675.33 profit in the last 12 months across 1585 Horse racing tips”

Where To Join: The Ducking Place Bet


The Ducking Place Bet Review

The Ducking Place Bet is a Tipstrr Pro service that offers selections for horse racing in the UK and Ireland. The selections advised are usually either to win or each way and odds can be from short prices to complete outsiders.

During a period of over 10 months now The Ducking Place Bet has shown that it can deliver long-term profits from its selections, with a win rate of over 25% in fact and a profit of over £3600 at the time of writing this review it has surpassed all expectations.

Below you can see the overall results and profit loss charts for The Ducking Place Bet so far since December 2017. As you can see the service has continually delivered profitable months, in fact, it has only had 3 losing months from 11 and those months were small losses compared to months where it delivered over £900 profit.

the ducking place bet profit loss


Looking for value in their selections is always their main objective. There is only one downside with this service and that is that some selections only give around one hours notice this is based on information that they are given or value that is sotted late in the day.

That being said it’s a small price to pay and the bets only take seconds to place and with the handy Tipstrr app you can get instant notifications for new tips advised by them and easily place your bets.

The Ducking Place Bet is a solid option for any Horse Racing fan looking to secure long-term profits from their horse bets and you can expect an ROI of around 13%.

You can claim a 2 week trial for just £2 of The Ducking Place Bet here


What The Tipster Has To Say

We look to seek out value selections in handicap markets. We try to post the majority of our bets as soon as the market forms but there may also be the occasional bet placed during racing especially if we have received info.  When tips are posted during the day, followers will usually have at least an hour plus before the respective race starts so they won’t miss out.

It’s worth pointing out that because of the nature of our bets, the prices of the respective horses and their profiles, you may not always see instant results but the one thing we can promise is that in the long run, you will definitely make a profit.


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Live Trial Results – here is a break down of the ducking place bet live trial which ran November 2018 for 2 weeks (currently ongoing)

Day 1 – 1 selection advised which won £10 staked returned £50 (£40 profit for day one) running profit/loss amount = £+40

Day 2 – 3 selections one winner one placed each way bet and one each way which did not place and from £30 staked a £70 return (another £40 profit for day 2) running profit/loss amount = £+80

Day 3 – 3 selections were advised with two losing and one placing, a total of £30 staked across two each way bets at £5 each way and a win bet at £10 win. We had a return of just £9 on this day (£21 loss for day three). running profit/loss amount = £+59


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