January 25, 2020

The Best Free Tipsters On Tipstrr For Football And Horse Racing

Best Free Tipsters On Tipstrr
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Tipstrr is fast becoming the go-to platform for finding not only premium tipsters but free tips and tipsters too for all sports such as Horse Racing and Football.

Thousands of free tipsters are already available for free Football tips and free horse racing selections daily.

tipstrr app

The Tipstrr App enables you to easily follow and free tipster you want to once you have created your free Tipstrr account using simply an email address you can download the app login and begin searching for free tips on any sport available.

Tipstrr has a great filtering system which enables you to find the best performing tipsters for periods of time up to 12 months, this enables you to find the highest free ROI services and believe it or not some of these services turn over 20% plus profits after 6-12 months.

So who are these free profitable tipsters that Tipstrr enables you to follow?

Well. allow me to give you a selection of 10 of the best free sports tipsters below.

Top 10 Free Tipstrr Services To Follow

I am going to focus on the two most popular sports Football and Horse Racing but you can follow profitable tipping services for other sports including and not limited to Rugby, Basketball and Tennis.

bettrbet free horse racing tips
  1. BettrBet

Bettrbet is a free horse racing tipster which has smashed it in the last 6 months and currently stands at over £2000 in profit, some achievement for a free to follow service.

Follow This Fantastic Tipster For Free Here

scoth doubles free football tips

2. Scotch Doubles

Free football tipsters rarely perform this well, Scotch Doubles is a little bit of an enigma in the football betting world but has racked up over £690 in profit and has a very impressive 23%+ ROI.

Follow Scotch Doubles Here For Free

bet fair free basketball and football tips

3. Bet Fair

Not the bookie but the free tipster Bet Fair has an impressive record with its football bets, usually focusing around Asian handicap bets.

With an average profit of £80 a month this is a football and basketball free tipster service that is well worth adding to your follow list.

Follow Bet Fair For Free Here

football pro tipster

4. Football Pro

Football selections for mainly international leagues such as Portuguese, German and Brazilian leagues but also tipping English football from time to time.

Football PRo is not the highest in profit but it does have a very good record over 12 months and is ultra-consistent and for a free tipster that is hard to find.

Follow Football Pro For Free Here

odio al futbol moderno

5. Odio Al Futbol Moderno

Strangely named free tips for football service this one focuses around the win and both teams to score market.

Averages around £35 per month profit and are very consistent when you look at the long term results.

Follow Odio Al Futbol Moderno Here For Free

all the goals tipstrr best free tipsters

6. All The Goals

Yet another free profitable football tipster on Tiptrr that has quickly amassed over £250 in profit over the last 12 months tipping.

Focuses around the over and under goals bets for football and has a good win rate with over 52% of selections winning.

Follow All The Goals For Free Here

suchy's equine investments

7. Suchy’s Equine Investments

Very professionally named free horse tips provider that has shown very good profitability over 12 months with over £1000 in profit reached.

Win rate for this one is over 31% and though the ROI over 12 months is only 6% that beats any bank account and the service costs you nothing to follow.

Follow Suchy’s Equine Investments Here

big ttw

8. Big TTW

Very selective horse racing tipster that has delivered over £370 in profit over 12 months.

Unsure currently if this tipster is still giving out free tips or not but well worth a look.

Follow Big TTW For Free Here


9. Anatoli_Fo

Anatoli_Fo is a free horse racing tipster that gives out £10 win bets on a daily basis. Delivering over £1000 in profit in the last 6 months and a strike rate around the 19% region it’s well worth a follow.

You Can Follow Anatoli_Fo Here For Free

A&S Sports Investment

10. A&S Sports Investment

Last but certainly not least is A&S Sports Investment, not the most profitable free tipster out there but has shown in the last few months that there is quality in there.

The win rate for this service is 69% and it has not been too expensive to follow either.

Follow A&S Investments Football Bank Builder For Free Here

Other Free Tipsters Worth Checking Out

Tipstrr has a lot of free tips to give but if you’re all fed up with it and you are looking for an alternative then below are a few worthy choices.

Betting Gods Free Horse Racing Tips – FREE horse racing tips sent out every week by pro tipsters at Betting Gods

Betting Gods Free Football Tips – FREE horse Football tips sent out every week by pro tipsters at Betting Gods

Do Premium Tipsters Perform Better Than Free Tipster Services?

In short yes they often perform at least twice as good as free services but they do cost a price to join and it’s not easy to find the most profitable football tipster or the most successful horse racing tipster.

I recommend you visit the approved tipsters section of this website its at the top of the main menu under Best Tipsters.

Some premium tipsters are delivering upwards of £600 plus in profit per month on a regular basis, I aim to help you find the most profitable tipster son the internet.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed finding some great free tipsters, please share this post on your social media accounts and with friends to support my work.

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