October 15, 2019

The 500 Method Review

The 500 Method Review
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Welcome to The 500 Method Review this is a horse racing service that promises to teach you a profitable method of betting and banking profits from your bets.

Service Name: The 500 Method


Service Cost: £24.95/month

Bank Advised: £1000 maximum (£10 per point) £100 minimum (£1 a point)

Platform: Website/Email

Where to join: Click Here

Starting Bank: 1000 advised but 100 is possible if you reduce the stakes advised from £10 to £1


I am changing how I add review pages to tipster reviews now you will see the sales page of the service along with a link to join it. Ath the bottom of each page you can write your own review of the service. You can still also add star ratings.


The 500 Method Review – The Sales Page

How many times do you actually withdraw money from your betting account?

One per year, every 6 months or maybe never?

Well how would you like to join a service where you can withdraw £500 time and time again.

No more wondering if you are making money from a service.

Want to see how much you’ve made? Just count the amount of £500 deposits in your bank account.


This simply comes down to one thing. How much you bet.

I operate my service as a level stake win bet only service to Betfair SP. Using this method along with £10 bets you can expect to make 6 withdrawals per year, so at least £3,000 profit.

If you bet £20 you will double this to 12 withdrawals and £6,000 profit per year.

The service is set up so no matter what level you bet at, even £2 bets, you will see at least one £500 withdrawal per year.

Bet £50 a go and you will be able to withdraw £15,000 per year.


I’m not going to list every bet I’ve ever placed but from my last 39 bets I have landed these winners:

The Artful Cobbler (8.0 BSP)
Dresden (5.35 BSP)
My Fantasea (2.19 BSP)
Fabianski (4.98 BSP)
Foolaad (2.35 BSP)
Cobra De Mai (5.61 BSP)
Star Ascending (4.85 BSP)
Gracious John (10.5 BSP)
Normandy King (7.2 BSP)
Gala Celebration (1.92 BSP)
Roys Legacy (3.94 BSP)
Outlaw torn (5.7 BSP)

12 wins from the last 39 bets give a strike rate of 30.7%

Join The 500 Method Now Click Here

And this produced a profit of 21.06pts profit over a 14 day period (19th to 4th March)


All bets in the 500 Method are Win bets and are recommended to level stakes at Betfair SP.

This allows every single member to see the same result from each bet.

No chasing odds, or early prices and no risk of getting closed down by the bookies.

Where possible I will send out the bets the evening before the racing, sometimes this is just not possible with changing conditions and it is more important to me to hand out the best information I can, rather than taking a gamble just to make sure you get them the night before.

I try to keep members in the loop as to when the next email will be coming out and if this changes I will keep you updated.

All bets are sent by email currently but I am looking at a members portal where bets will be posted. This is not currently in place.

There is a maximum of 4 bets per day. I bet every day but some days will be no bet days if I don’t find a suitable selection. You will receive an email every day stating the bets or that there are no bets.

I recommend a 50pt starting bank. So a minimum starting bank would be £100 to allow you to bet at £2 per point (the minimum on the Betfair Exchange).

You do not need to bet on the exchange to profit with my service but it is where I will be betting. If you feel you can get better odds elsewhere then you, of course, can do that.


Feel free to start at low stakes to see if my service suits you, but if you start betting at £10 per point, keep at that level until you have withdrawn your next £500. After this, you can increase your stakes to what level you wish.

Starting with a £250 (50pt) bank and betting at £5 stakes is a great starting point if you are unsure where to start.

Your first withdrawal of £500 should come in about 4 months time, and at that point, you will already be £250 in profit, you can then use this as your next bank with the next 4 months making another £500 withdrawal of which would be 100% profit.

Alternatively, a flat £10 per point to start, would see a £500 bank making £500 profit in 2 months and repeating this would see you betting with pure profits after just 60 days.

Starting at the lowest point of £2 per point and a £100 bank would see you withdrawing £500 after approximately 10 months.


Joining the 500 Method is easy, just choose to either pay monthly below or save money by paying up front for a 12-month membership.

Join The 500 Method Now Click Here


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The 500 Method
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