10 Most Profitable Horse Racing Betting Systems

The 10 Most Profitable Horse Racing Betting Systems

Whilst looking for the most profitable horse racing betting systems you will come across thousands upon thousands of them so it can be very hard to find one that actually delivers the results it promises.

Tipsters often can be the go to when it comes to improving your betting performance.

Utilizing endless amounts of data such as Track, Going, Weights, Handicap, and Jockey bookings the best tipsters really do their homework and then provide a selection based on the data and also their opinion on how the race may play out in running.

Profitable tipster services can greatly increase your win rate on Horse Racing and other sports too, the main issue is that the industry is unregulated currently meaning that any old Tom, Dick, or Harry can present themselves to you as an inside info horse racing master.

Following the wrong tipsters can be a fast route to financial ruin, sop its crucial that you take the time to research every tipster you think about joining and always be diligent.

Below are some horse racing systems that I feel can help you improve your results from Horse Racing betting. I feel they give you the best opportunities for profit and increasing your ROI (return on investment) overall.

MJ Racing review
  1. MJ Racing

Professional horse racing tipster MJ Racing offers an impressive 23.73% ROI on its selections and averages a profit of £320 per month.

Comes in at the top for me as it’s on one of the most reliable platforms (Tipsters Empire) and has a proven track record.

Read my MJ Racing Review for full info on this tipster

svb tips

2. SVB Tips

SVB is one of the most profitable horse racing tipsters with just 4 losing months at the time of writing for nearly 2 years of tipping horse racing.

His ROI is a steady 13/4% and he averages a profit of £290 per month. Read my SVB Tips review for further info.

most profitable horse racing betting systems Landry Horse Racing

3. Landry Horse Racing

Landry is a service offering horse racing tips that have a track record of over 16 months with an ROI of 15.8% and an average monthly profit of £750.

Read my Landry Horse Racing review for further details no this horse racing betting system.

Wiltshire racing

4. Wiltshire Racing

The Wiltshire Racing service is new to the platform of Tipsters Empire but that has not stopped it from giving an ROI of 38.72% and an average profit per month of £237 since its launch in November 2020.

Click here to try Wiltshire Racing for 28 days

AG Tips Review

5. AG Tips

AG Tips offers profitable and professional horse racing tips with an incredible ROI above 22.5% and an average monthly profit of £290.

Been around for nearly 3 years now and has a total profit in that time of over £5500.

Read my AG Tips review to find out how this horse racing service works.

CD Racing Review

6. CD Racing

Another long-serving horse racing service from Tipsters Empire that has a consistent Roi above 15% and an average profit per month of £102.

With just two selections advised each morning CD Racing is a super easy service to follow.

Read my CD Racing review to find out further details.

JPW Racing Tipster Review

7. JPW Racing Tipster

JPW is a long-serving horse racing tipster offering profitable festival selections as well as horse racing tips that have a proven track record.

The average monthly profit is £127 and the ROI sits around 21.76%. Read the JPW Racing Tipster review for further information on how this tipster works.

Daily Trixies Review

8. Daily Trixies

Daily Trixies is a multiples tipster that has proven profitable to follow for the first 3 months so far (this could change) but early suggestions are this is one of the best horse racing betting systems for achieving maximum profits.

The ROI is around 70% at the time of writing and the average profit per month sits at around £700.

I cover more details on this horse racing betting system in my Daily Trixies review.

Cotswold Racing Review

9. Cotswold Racing

Cotswold is a professional horse racing tipster offering a regular monthly profit of £33 and with an average ROI of 8.5%.

Not as high as some on this list but ever consistent and easy to follow with just 1 tip per day advised in general.

Find out more in my Cotswold Racing review.

talo bets most profitable horse racing betting systems

10. Talo Bets

Been going for just over a year now and Talo is averaging a monthly profit of over £150 with an ROI of 18.7% currently.

For further information on Talo read my Talo Bets review.

There are many others that could quite easily make this list such as Cleeve Racing, Ron Williams Racing, and JPW Racing Tipster, but based on current form these are the best so far and it may change over time so be sure to check back.


Following the best horse racing betting systems and tipsters listed above can generate an average monthly profit of £2870 at the time of writing, remember this can change and go down or up at any time as is the nature of horse racing betting.

5 important things to remember when you start betting on horse racing with the intention of making money.

  • Don’t gamble what you cannot afford to lose.
  • You don’t need to bet on every single race each day.
  • Do your own research when selecting a tipster to pay for tips and always try to get a free trial before you join fully.
  • Keep records of your profits and losses from each tipster or betting system you use.
  • Treat it as an investment and not a day job, there is a small percentage of people that make a living from betting on horse racing but it’s not easy and takes a lot of discipline.

I hope you found this post useful in helping you find the most profitable horse racing betting systems to try out to improve your horse racing betting.

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