July 18, 2019

Slow Horse Luke Review

Slow Horse Luke Review
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Welcome to our Slow Horse Luke Review

A new betting system which mainly involves laying horses daily to achieve long-term profits.

Where To Join: CLICK HERE

Service Headline: “Use This Method To Bet and Profit From Losers Daily With A Success Rate Of 91.3%”

Service Author: Luke Glover

Service Cost: £14.95/month

slow horse luke review



Slow Horse Luke Review

Slow Horse Luke by Luke Glover is a betting method or betting system that promises a daily success rate of 91.3%. This is a bold claim and the method works by utilizing speed ratings and a few other factors such as the horse’s price.

The sales page does talk a lot of sense in stating the main reasons for a horse losing such as falling, missing the start and well being too slow! This may be obvious to many but by eliminating as many chances of things going wrong with your bet you give yourself more chance of success.

The system involves both backing and laying so if your not all clued up on that maybe you should go and learn that inside out before taking the plunge here.

The service is also very cheap at just £14.95 a month and remember it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee (every Clickbank product does) so if it doesn’t suit your tastes you can easily get your money back. If you need to know how to get a refund on Clickbank then read my How to get a Clickbank refund article.

The sales page also states that if you join now the price will never go up for you. I am interested to report back on this one in a while and also to see how you lot have got on with this one.

slow horse luke review



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Slow Horse Luke
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Luke Hadme on Slow Horse Luke
Lay off it, big time.
Recommend?: Noooooo
Profit Score Out Of 10?: 0/10
Member For How Long?: 2 months

Just not good enough, 2 months of losses, arrogant, doesn't answer emails hardly, if at all, like previous reviewer, when I cancelled my subs before end of 2nd month, he stopped sending tips out and disappeared off the planet. No results for over 3 years of tipping, really, just hearsay from his word only, comes across as rank amateur, over 60 points down, terrible, comes across as a scammer, be warned, this is scary stuff, can lose 10 pts+ a day easily. Nothing good to say about this. I doubt very much he wins as much as claimed, picks some really odd lays, I don't believe this guy knows racing very well at all, in fact I think they are strangers. No stars worthy if I was allowed.

by Bob Watson on Slow Horse Luke
Profits steadily rising
Recommend?: Yes
Profit Score Out Of 10?: 8
Member For How Long?: 3 months

I joined this service and like all of the services I join, I trialed it at first .then went live when I saw that I was losing out. Since then I have seen my betting bank grow steadily almost every day. I am aiming towards a £5000 betting bank which is currently at £1300 and I'm compounding the point price every day.

I estimate that this will take at the current win rate around 2 months. I can then bet at £50 a point and at approx. 4 tips a day plus can look at £200 plus a day, working on a 28 day months is £5600 which I intend to take out and start with £5000 again. Of course, there are losing bets but overall this service is delivering for me. I recommend anyone to try this out. The previous reviewer must have been unlucky to join at a prolonged losing spell, I have not experienced this yet. So this review is based on what I know now.

by Michael Bell on Slow Horse Luke
Slow Hand Luke
Recommend?: Absolutely avoid
Profit Score Out Of 10?: 1
Member For How Long?: 2nd month

Thought worth giving Slow Hand Luke a try. Firstly he insisted only monthly payment plan(clickbank) was acceptable as he's so busy(Mmm - see below). Track record iffy.( ie not good enough for a laybetting tipster) Gave him a second month to rectify things, cancelled payment so giving me the choice to rejoin if he went well. Tips just stopped even though I'd paid for them. He has taken my money & run. 3 emails, no response. Meantime he promotes affiliates. So, not so busy to respond to emails Not only is he NOT good enough to recommend ( Laybetting is not as easy as one may think!) but complete absence of contact is unacceptable, unproffesional and gives the impression that fraud may be being committed in this case. It looks to me like he just got lucky in his trial perhaps then launched out however this seems to be a case of Fraud to me? AVOID!!

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