Reviews of Safe Gambling Websites

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These days finding safe places to gamble online is becoming harder, with the sheer amount of places available to bet and gamble your money online at the moment the amount of fraudulent locations has increased.

Online gambling sites can operate under different licenses and in different countries and this can mean that the rules around how your money is protected can be drastically affected. For example, if a betting website is located in Curacao there are far more lax laws and rules around taxation and also lax regulations.

When it comes to law and regulations you ideally want an online gambling site that is offering you the strictest governed companies and rules around, this will drastically affect your chances of cashing out your winnings should you hit it big.

The strictest laws arguably are in the UK with more and more regulations being created and a public outcry for tighter restrictions on the amounts users are allowed to stake and gamble away. When you gamble online you do not want to be used and abused you want to be looked after and be helped to gamble responsibly.

To find reviews of safe gambling websites we recommend resources such as Gamblers Compendium who review online casinos and bookmakers and report to its reader’s scam sites and poor companies that do not deliver a quality service.

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