February 28, 2020

Premier League: Chelsea vs. Burnley Betting Preview

Chelsea vs. Burnley Betting Preview

In this betting preview, we will turn our attention to an intriguing EPL fixture, which will take place on Jan. 11 at Stamford Bridge, as Chelsea will play a host to Burnley in a bid to bounce back following its 1-1 draw this week. Burnley, on the other side, has a lot more to prove as it will be entering this bout with a streak of three consecutive defeats behind it.

The two teams already met before back in November when they clashed at Turf Moor in round 10 of the English Premier League. The match ended in a 4-2 win for Chelsea, which will be looking to achieve the same success in the next round.

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Chelsea’s Struggles Continue Into 2020

Chelsea has had an up-and-down season so far, and while it is sitting firmly in the top four in the EPL, its inconsistency of late is worrying.

As it stands now, Chelsea is 11-3-7 on the year with an underwhelming 2-1-2 record in its last five, where it managed to defeat both Tottenham (2-0) and Arsenal (2-1), but failed to see the same success against Bournemouth (0-1), Southampton (0-2) and most recently against Brighton (1-1).

As seen from its last five, Chelsea is capable of solid performances but is not getting results against smaller teams, which is something it needs to change going forward. It will not be able to hold onto a UCL spot for long if it doesn’t improve.

The biggest issue of Frank Lampard’s men is their inconsistency, seeing how they have been on a rollercoaster of results in their last eight games prior to the stalemate against Brighton, winning and losing every second game they played. During the said eight games, Chelsea scored nine goals and conceded 10, which only goes to show, they can be a hit-or-miss team.

That being said, the Blues have won the reverse leg against Burnley, which leads us to believe Chelsea should see the same success at its home stadium in front of its home fans.

Burnley’s Inconsistency

Burnley has been all over the place with its results this season, producing a mixture of solid and less-than-impressive results in 21 games played. As it stands now, the Clarets are 15th in the league with a 7-3-11 record on the year and 2-0-3 in their last five, which sits them five points above the relegation zone and seven points short of reaching the top five.

In regards to their last five, Burnley edged past Newcastle (1-0) and Bournemouth (1-0), only to fall flat against Everton (0-1), Manchester United (0-2) and most recently Aston Villa (1-2), meaning it is entering round 22 with a streak of three consecutive defeats behind it.

The biggest issue with Burnley is its defense, which has proven to be one of the worst in the league. So far this season, Burnley conceded 34 goals, which is a worrying number, and while its defense is nowhere near as solid as it had hoped, we can’t praise the offense either. With only 24 goals scored in 21 fixtures, the Clarets are also one of the worst offensive teams in the league.

That being said, Burnley has proven it can make some noise in the attack if given a chance, considering it scored at least one goal in 18 out of 24 fixtures so far this season and in seven out of its nine away games.

That alone is something we can’t ignore, considering Chelsea has not been too efficient with its attempts to keep a clean sheet, especially in its home games.


Chelsea is entering this bout as a heavy favorite, and, while that is in our eyes a fair assessment, we have to consider it has not been too solid as of late, which also holds true for its home games.

As it stands now, Chelsea is holding onto a 4-2-4 record at Stamford Bridge, with a 2-0-3 in its last five. While they managed to defeat both Crystal Palace (2-0) and Aston Villa (2-1), the Blues lost to West Ham (0-1), Bournemouth (0-1) and, most recently, Southampton (0-2).

From that, we can see that in its last five home games, Chelsea conceded five goals and scored only four. That alone is quite worrying, considering it lost to significantly weaker teams, which it, in theory, should have an easy time defeating.

Chelsea has been struggling with its results, and we are not impressed with its home record either. Burnley, on the other side, is not in a much better position, but, as we have come to realize, it can have its moments of greatness.

All things considered, Chelsea comes off as a stronger team, but we don’t believe it will be able to cover the 1.5-goal line. Its defense has been struggling to keep its goal untouched, while Burnley showed before it knows how to score goals. All in all, the hosts should come out ahead here, but we would not count on more than a one-goal margin.

Prediction: Burnley +1.50 Asian Handicap

Odds: 1.91 Bet365

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