March 22, 2019

Las Vegas is Slowly Dying

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JPW - Number one for festival betting and horse racing

Cleeve Racing - Did VERY well at this years Cheltenham Festival

Las Vegas is Slowly Dying

It’s fair to say that Las Vegas makes a hell of a lot of money through gaming and that is unlikely to change, but what is becoming more clear is that the once firmly established favourites that many have staked their kids’ college funds on such as casino Roulette, Blackjack and even craps are on their way out, slowly.

Recently announced figures paint a depressing picture for Sin City with their table games dropping in overall revenue year-on-year. One of the more interesting figures sees Blackjack often taking up over 50% of the table games space within a casino but only making up for just over 30% of the revenue signals a bit of a waste when compared to Roulette. Roulette takes up 10% of the space and in turn returns 10% of the revenue in what looks like a perfect return.

To see more details about this change in the gaming and gambling landscape, take a look at the infographic we have created below.

Las Vegas is Slowly Dying

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