July 18, 2019

Jumping For Profit Review

Jumping For Profit Review
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Welcome to our Jumping For Profit Review. This is a horse racing tipster service hosted by the Tipster Street platform.

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Service Name: Jumping For Profit

Sport: Horse Racing

Platform: Tipster Street

Headline: “’JFP’ has great experience in tipping on National Hunt racing. This tipster is one of a few in the industry that can make consistent profits from this difficult niche area of racing.”

Service Cost: 1 Month Trial for £3.79 then £14.95 per month on a subscription basis

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Jumping For Profit Review

Wow, what a brilliant tipster service this has turned out to be, In possibly the toughest tipping area of horse racing (the jumps) this guy smashed it over 17 days with 52 selections advised to us he amassed a profit of £226.48 (based on £5 per point advised).

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The trial started off slowly but it soon became clear after about 4 or 5 days that this tipster knows what he is doing and though no write-ups are given for the selections they have always been of a high standard.

Every day tipping a winner at one point and even on the bad days losing hardly anything from the bank and on the good days really building the bank fast. I really enjoyed this service and I myself am going to use this horse tipster service myself along with the win bin for the football.

Full results of the real-time trial of the Jumping For Profit review

Here I break down the results each day whether a profit or a loss for each day and how our starting bank of £1000 is doing so far.

Start Bank: £1000

End Bank: £1226.48

Selections: 52
Average profit per selection = £4.35
Day 1 = -£5 (1 winner and 2 losers)
Day 2 = -£10 (1 loser)
Day 3 = -£9.67 (5 losers 2 winners)
Day 4 = -£33.34 (4 losers and 1 winner)
Day 5 = +£13.33 (2 out of 2 winners)
Day 6 = +£8 (1 selection 1 winner)
Day 7 = -£8 (3 selections 2 placers)
Day 8 = +£33.33 (1 selection 1 winner)
Day 9 = -£9 (3 selections 1 winner 2 placed)
Day 10 = +£6.71 (3 selections 2 winners 1 second)
Day 11 = +£61 (5 selections 3 winners)
Day 12 = +£12.83 (3 selections 2 winners 1 second)
Day 13 = +£22.46 (3 selections 2 winners and 1 e/w placer)
Day 14 = -£10 ( 1 selection 1 loser)
Day 15 = +£13.33 ( 3 selections 1 winner 1 placer 1 faller)
Day 16 = +£133 (5 selection 4 winners one second)
Day 17 = +£7.50 (3 selections 1 winner 1 placer 1 nowhere)

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Jumping For Profit
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