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Glenn Whelan Racing Review

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Glenn Whelan Racing Review

Welcome to our Glenn Whelan Racing Review

Glenn Whelan Racing Review



Service Name : Glenn Whelan Racing

Sport : Horse Racing

Platform : Tipster Street

Headline : “’Glenn has been making profits from horse racing for over two years. We asked Glenn to trail his tips with us at the end of 2014, and he hasn’t look back since!”

Service Cost : 1 Month Trial for £3.79 then £14.95 per month on subscription basis

Where To Join : Click Here


Glenn Whelan Racing Review

Glenn Whelan Racing is another horse racing tipster service from the Tipster Street platform, this time however it was nowhere near as another service of theirs I trialled (jumping for profit).

The trial started of very slow and very poor as on the first day we had a loss of £30 which put us into negative from day one and we never recovered. You can see the full trial results further down the page and though he did tip winners on many occasions they where short priced favourites.

Here I break down the results each day whether a profit or a loss for each day occurred and how our starting bank of £1000 ended up. This trial only lasted 9 days after the tipster managed to lose us a grand total of £110.36 (over 10% of our bank).
The last few days of the trial got really worrying as he was advising 8 selections a day, most of which where short priced favourites and failing to get a single winner on one of those days.

Real Time Trial Results

Starting Bank : £1000

Current Bank : £889.64

Selections So Far : 44
Day 1 = -£30 (3 selections 3 losers)
Day 2 = +£19 (5 selections three winners one second one nowhere)
Day 3 = +£8.52 (7 selections 4 winners)
Day 4 = -£10 (1 selection 1 loser)
Day 5 = -£9 (2 selections 1 loser 1 placer)
Day 6 = -£6.48 (5 selections 2 winners)
Day 7 =  £16.40 (5 selections 3 winners)
Day 8 = -£42.50 (8 selections 7 losers 1 winner)
Day 9 = -£66 (8 selections 7 losers 1 placer)

I ended the trial of day 9 when there was two days with 8 selections and only one winner from 16.

Glenn Whelan Racing Review




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