Football Betting In Europe

Football Betting In Europe
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Although football is the most popular sport globally, the core is still in Europe and South America. Since Europe stands much better in terms of finances, it’s no wonder that most of the football bets are made in this part of the world. Simply, football is so popular in the Old Continent, that no other sport comes even close. That’s the reason why football betting is at the highest possible level, not just in terms of money, but in terms of organization and every other aspect. 

Is Football Gambling Legal In Europe? 

Definitely! Most major clubs and competitions are located in this part of the world, while football betting has a very long tradition. Such way of gambling has been legal for decades, including online betting. The number of houses that operate in Europe is huge, while there are even more small bookmakers that operate in a certain country or region and it’s not hard to find lists of betting sites that operates within the football gambling field.

Most Popular Competitions 

Every country in Europe has at least a couple of professional leagues, so you can imagine how many games are played every weekend. All of them are available, no matter how big a bookmaker is. Whether we are talking about a major house or local bookmaker, you may count on the offer that includes pretty much every professional game around the globe. 

Still, not of these competitions are equally popular. Of course, most gamblers prefer major competitions. Those would be the strongest and most popular leagues, such as English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Bundesliga, Spanish Primera, Frech League 1 etc. Of course, there is the Champions League, as well as international fixtures and tournaments. Finally, national competitions are popular in every country.  

Even the lower leagues are popular across the whole continent, especially if we talk about competitions with a big tradition, such as English Championship and FA Cup, Italian Serie B etc. 

Most Popular Bookmakers 

Compared to online casinos, things are a little bit different here. Of course, there are major houses, such as William Hill, Bet 365, 888 Sports, Betway and many more, but the thing with European football is that gambling is so well-developed, that you have a bookmaker on every corner. Even a local firm works online and offers pretty much everything you can imagine.  

Most Popular Games 

The number of games you can play in each match is enormous. We are pretty sure that there is no other sports game that offers such variety, not even close. With football betting in Europe, the thing is that you can bet on pretty much everything. The offer includes traditional 1X2, while you can also bet on the number of goals in every half or the whole game, or the number of goals each team will score. Moreover, you can bet on the exact score, the numbers of yellow and red cards, the number of corners and offsides, substitutions etc.  

Moreover, you can also combine different games. For example, you can bet on the winner and the number of goals at the same time, or predict the winner at half-time and full time. The choice of games is almost endless.  

Another thing that is hugely popular in football in Europe is live betting. You can bet during the game, and the interesting thing is that odds are constantly changing, depending on the score, possession and every other statistical column.  

Odds Format 

Two odds formats are used in Europe, depending on the country. In continental Europe, most bookmakers use so-called European or decimal odds. On the other side, fractional odds are used in the UK and Ireland. 

Currencies and Deposits 

Most major bookmakers accept different currencies. Of course, Euro and British Pound come to mind first, but most houses also allow deposits in Swiss Francs, Swedish Krona, Russian Ruble etc. 

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