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Best Tipsters October 2017

Best Tipsters October 2017

It was a hectic month for sport during October this year with many football competitions such as the champions league and internationals on top of the normal bust fixture list. Horse Racing wise we had many fixtures and big races to get through so this month was a tough month for tipping yet we still have found you some of the best tipsters for October 2017.

Below we bring you the top 3 tipsters based on Points profit and then ROI for the month of October this year.

Best Tipsters October 2017

This is Best Tipsters October 2017 below you will find the very very best tipster service for October that returned huge ROI and profits for their members. These are services you really must keep an eye on at the very least.

Best Football Tipsters

Football Super Tips – Delivered a huge profit with over 1200 points gained in one month. The ROI for this tipster during October was 103.87% which is absolutely ridiculous.

Bundesliga Correct Score – Delivered 300 points of profit from just 72 selections and gave a massive ROI of 130.34%. This one is well worth a look and is somewhat of a niche market in tipping just correct scores but the results have been fantastic.

Football Worldwide – Delivered 238 points of profit from just 19 selections which is an amazing achievement in ti self but not only that its ROI for October was a massive 125.26%. Get checking this one out asap.

Best Horse Racing Tipsters

Hodders Horse Tips – With 150 points profit and a massive ROI of 136.36% Hodders Horse Tips was the best horse racing tipster easily for this month. The number of selections in October was just 11.

The 10 am Man – 131 points of profit given for October and an ROI of 109.42% bring the 10 am man in at second place and is another service that you really need to think about joining. Another small selection amount here for the ratio to profit with just 12 selections advised.

Luck Of The Draw – This service is very special it delivered an eye-watering 1395 points of profit in October and its ROI was a huge 83.97% it’s only in third place as it has given more selections than the other two with 208 selections given.

Best Tennis Tipsters

RTC Tennis Picks – In at number one with a crazy return on investment of 141.32% and a profit amount of 551 points from just 39 selections advised is RTC Tennis Picks which is proving somewhat of an enigma in Tennis Tipping.

ITY – Delivered 206 points from only 21 selections through October and a return on investment of  98.51%. Another Tennis tipster that looks to have a healthy and profitable future for its members.

Galactico – Last but not least this service returned 70.9 points of profit from just 19 tips in October and a healthy ROI of 46.88% and is one more to keep your eye on.

That’s it until next month however if you would like to see any other categories added for next month please get in touch with us via email and we will be glad to add more for you.

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