All Weather Pro Review

All Weather Pro Review

Welcome to our All Weather Pro Review

All Weather Pro Review



Service Name : All Weather Pro Review

Service Headline ; “If your after big price wins from AW racing  read on The cash is flying in!”

Platform : Betfan

Where To Join : Click Here

Service Cost : £9.99 14 day trial and then £39.99/month


All Weather Pro Review

As the name suggests this is a horse racing tipster service for flat racing over the all weather tracks. The website promises big priced winners and that the money is literally rolling in.

Selections advised are usually 3/1 or above and the service has given some very big odds in the past with a string of 10/1 plus winners.

Please Note : This service was originally called “under the lights” and was on the tipster planet platform but has since been re branded and moved to another platform.


The following graph shows how this tipster has performed since it was began back in October 2016

185.75 All Time Points
58.48  Year To Date
147.79 Best Month (October 2016)
So to summarise in four months this tipster service has amassed a point bank of 185.75 points if we base this at £10 per point that’s £1857.50 now if we take out the cost of the service which is £40 per month (if we discount the 14 day cheaper trial) over 4 months the service cost is £160.
This gives us a total profit of £1697.50 which is a very nice return on your investment, noted there was a dip in December yet a recovery going into January 2017.
We recommend that you trial the service on the 14 day cheaper option at £9.99 before committing for longer periods though chances are after the trial you will continue with the service as long as his form continues.

All Weather Pro Review



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