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After years of searching for a tipster service that wasn’t just fleecing me for my hard-earned cash I decided to start Tipster Reviews, with the sole intention of helping people be more successful with their betting.

Here at Tipster Reviews we scour the internet looking for the most profitable tipsters in an effort to ensure maximum earning potential for our subscribers. We proof paid tipsters to our subscribers for free from 2 weeks up to a maximum of 3 months for quality purposes and we only approve the very best services whatever the sport may be.

We also add reviews of free tipster services and betting systems so we are a good resource for those on a low budget as well as those with the bankrolls to make huge earnings from the selections given. Paid tipsters are often a lot more profitable than free tipster services as free tips can often be erratic and a bit more of a pick it and hope and if it wins big people will shout about it.

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