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2pro review
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    Welcome to our 2Pro Review

    2Pro Review

    2Pro boasts a very good ROI of over 30% and has amassed a return of over 230 points in just 4 months that is an average of around 57.5 points profit per month.

    Service Name : 2Pro

    Sport : Horse Racing

    Platform : Tipstrr

    Created By : 

    Headline : “Two pro gamblers come together to provide our naps of the day combined with the double.

    Consistent profit, high strike rate, crazy profits with just a 3pt outlay per day.”

    Service Cost : £22/month or £11 for one week

    Where To Join : Click Here


    2Pro Review

    2pro is said to be two pro punters who have come together to give one selection each and a double of the two each day with just a small outlay of 3 points.

    The service shows a good record of wins and profit over its relatively short lifespan it has a good amount of profit (over 200 points as graph shows below).

    2pro review chart

    As you can see the service has turned over 246 points in profit in just 4 months at the time of writing. Those of you who are not familiar with the Tipstrr platform may not realise that all tips on this platform are verified and basically what you see is what you get if the service is poor it would reflect in its chart.

    This service could prove to be a revelation however I recommend following it for a while or at least taking advantage of our exclusive deal…

    That’s over a 50% reduction in the normal website price if you want to try this tipster out now! Otherwise keep your eyes peeled as I may be real time trialling this service in March 2017.

    If your not subbed to our mailing list make sure you do it now to get these free trials and discounts faster.

    2Pro Review

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